Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Thursday March 19, 2015

Tanya Davies MP, State Member for Mulgoa, visited Mulgoa Valley Football Club this week and met with Club President Mark Goodwin and young junior football players from the club’s Under 12s mixed team to announce that their club was successful in receiving a one-off NSW Government grant for $1,988.30.


“I am delighted to announce that the Mulgoa Valley Football Club has been successful with their grant submission. I advocated strongly for the club at short notice to deliver this important financial support, just as the football season is about to start” said Tanya Davies.


The grant is for much needed replacement of goal nets, player training bibs, match and training balls to help start off the 2015 football season. The club has enjoyed a resurgent in interest in football locally with player registrations increasing 38% over last year so far.  


“I would like to thank Tanya for coming out today to make this announcement. The grant comes to us just in a nick of time as we got a large influx of registered players this year and a lot of equipment needs upgrading. I’ve been a volunteer at this club for about 10 years now and Tanya’s the first elected official that’s come down to the grounds. So it’s nice to see that she’s looking after a small club like Mulgoa Valley Football Club and also the heart of her electorate” said the Mark Goodwin, Mulgoa Valley Football Club President.


Mulgoa Valley Football Club is one of 31 clubs affiliated with the Nepean Football Association in the Nepean region. Football clubs in the Nepean district are still taking player registrations for the upcoming 2015 winter season, which is due to start on State Election Day, 28 March 2015. For more information about Mulgoa Valley Football Club and for a full list of football clubs in Nepean district visit the Nepean Football Association website at www.nepeanfootball.com.au