Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Wednesday June 24, 2015


This year’s State Budget launches an unprecedented era of investment in infrastructure and services for Mulgoa and across NSW.


Member for Mulgoa Tanya Davies MP today welcomed the announcements of this year’s Budget, and commended the hard work of the Liberals and Nationals Government to deliver the strongest budget in the country.


“It’s a great day to be a part of the Liberals and Nationals Government as we chart a new course for NSW. This is a golden era where the budget is repaired and we can build the future our communities deserve” said Tanya Davies.


The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government is living within its means and continuing strong financial management with this year’s budget delivering record spending in infrastructure and essential services.


 “This budget delivers on our election commitments, including record recurrent budgets for health and education. In addition, we have been able to reduce Labor’s projected net government debt by $24.0b, while at the same time investing in those areas where it’s most needed,” said Tanya Davies.


Investments in the Mulgoa electorate include:


  • $5.0m to continue planning for the upgrade of The Northern Road between Mersey Road and the M4 Motorway, as part of the $11 million project allocation in 2015/16, State and Federal funded.
  • $1.5m to continue planning for the future upgrade of The Horsley Drive between the M7 Motorway and Cowpasture Road.
  • Allocation of $500,000 to commenc planning for the future upgrade of Mamre Road between the M4 Motorway and Erskine Park Road
  • $275,000 for the completion of a planning and scoping study for intersections on The Northern Road between the M4 Motorway and Great Western Highway as well as on Erskine Park Road between Mamre Road and the M4 Motorway.
  • Contribution of $166,000 to Penrith City Council to widen and improve delineation on Kings Hill Road, Mulgoa, to improve road safety under the NSW Safer Roads Program.
  • $448,000 for Water NSW to deliver an upgrade to the Warragamba Pipelines.


Investments for the Western Sydney Region include:


  • Planning and development works for a second Sydney harbour rail crossing, with an expenditure of over $83.9m which will increase capacity across the rail network by 60%.
  • Acquisition of 80 new buses to cater for growth in demand for the Sydney metropolitan area with more than $41.1m investment.


Investments for the State of NSW include:


  • Infrastructure program, with $68.6b allocated over the next four years, including:
    • $38b over the next four years to roads and transport infrastructure. 
    • $5b investment in health over the next four years. 
    • $2.1b for new schools and training facilities over the next four years. 
    • Record $19.6 billion recurrent budget for health which is 26% higher than Labor’s last budget.
    • Record $12.8 billion recurrent budget for education.
    • $678m in funding and incentives over the next four years to promote growth in local businesses.
    • Delivering 150,000 new jobs with a number of initiatives budgeted to achieve this target.  
    • An additional $400m will be reserved in Restart NSW for the Housing Acceleration Fund to support new housing supply and address the challenge of housing affordability, the largest commitment to the fund since its inception in 2012.  
    • The Government has also allocated $89.1m over four years to the Department of Planning and Environment to speed up approval processing times and reduce delay costs, which unnecessarily add to construction costs. 
    • $10m is being provided over four years for a Community Safety Fund to address local crime hotspots and antisocial behaviour.
    • $20m over four years for the arts in Western Sydney, including $7.5m in additional funds for local arts and cultural organisations.
    • 310 new police officers by 2018, including 250 specialist police, with $70m to enhance police specialist commands including an increase in authorised strength of the NSW Police Force to 16,795 by December 2018.
    • $100m over four years to equip police officers with the latest technology.


Tanya Davies said “The people of NSW are the core focus of today’s budget, as we invest over $68.6 billion in infrastructure, put downward pressure on the cost of living, provide employment and recreational opportunities and continue to listen to and deliver for all people and communities across this great State.”


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