Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Thursday September 1, 2016

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP, recently recognised the achievements of local Glenmore Park High School student, Ms Shani Lee Bolt, by presenting her with the 2016 Mulgoa Aboriginal Student of the Year award.


“The Local Aboriginal Student of the Year award recognises young people who demonstrate notable leadership skills, qualities and attributes, both within their school and throughout their local community,” Tanya Davies said.


Shani Lee Bolt was nominated by her principal, Ms Lisette Gorrick, who highlighted Ms Bolt’s positive, responsible and mature qualities, in enabling her to engage in various mentoring, collaboration and conflict resolution programs and activities, over the course of her studies.


“As a Gamarada Leader, Shani works closely and intricately with the Aboriginal Education Group at Glenmore Park High School, in order to develop initiatives for Indigenous youth, allowing her to promote the integration and respect of all cultures and people,” said Tanya Davies.


Ms Bolt also represents Glenmore Park High School at the Schools Spectacular and the Aboriginal dance ensemble, as well as participating in Penrith Regional Koori Health, peer support and high school transition programs, along with working with NAIDOC, Close the Gap and engaging in Sorry Day.


“It is this determined striving to ensure that Indigenous students are able to reach and ascertain their full potential that makes Shani an exceptional leader and, as such, a worthy recipient of this prestigious award,” Tanya Davies said.


“I am immensely proud to have a young woman, such as Shani, residing within my electorate. Shani is an inspirational role model for others to follow and emulate and I am confident that she will be a leader in the Mulgoa community for many years to come,” said Tanya Davies.