Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Wednesday March 2, 2016

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP, announced that Sharon Chamberlin has been named the 2016 Mulgoa Woman of the Year.


“The Local Woman of the Year Award recognises women who have made notable and outstanding contributions to their communities, accomplishing positive outcomes for the local area,” Tanya Davies said.


“In particular, recipients of the Award need to demonstrate ongoing dedication in serving the community, deserving recognition for their achievements,” said Tanya Davies.


Sharon Chamberlin has been recognised, most notably, for her role as the co-ordinator of Junior Jivers, a musical activity playgroup run by Glenmore Park Anglican Church, aimed at supporting mothers with young children.


“Sharon voluntarily devotes her time to working with the mothers and children that are in the Junior Jivers program, often dedicating more than 30 hours per week, to ensure that all feel welcomed and included, as part of her caring and friendly disposition,” Tanya Davies said.


The Award was presented to Sharon Chamberlin at Glenmore Park Anglican Church, while she was talking with parents and children participating in the Junior Jivers program.


“Unsurprisingly to anybody that knows Sharon, she is not one for ceremonial niceties or unnecessary flair. Instead of holding a formal presentation, Sharon was more concerned about serving at Junior Jivers, emblematic of the community-minded person that she is,” said Tanya Davies.


Tanya Davies was jubilant in her praise for the work ethic and dedication that has been exhibited by Sharon Chamberlin.


“Sharon Chamberlin is an example for all of us to follow in selflessly supporting others and in advancing the interests of the Mulgoa community and its people,” said Tanya Davies.


For more information on how the awardees are chosen and the criteria for nominations, please visit: