Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Thursday March 17, 2016

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP, announced that Penrith City Council will receive $29.1 million to upgrade intersections along Erskine Park Road, between Bennett Road and Explorers Way.


“I am delighted that Erskine Park Road will be receiving these necessary upgrades, in order to ensure the safety of commuters who travel along this busy and traffic-heavy road each day,” Tanya Davies said.


The funding is part of the Federal Government’s Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan – Local Roads Package, which will be managed by the NSW Government through Roads and Maritime Services, working with local councils.


“St Clair and Erskine Park residents have raised with me the difficulties that they are confronted with when trying to access Erskine Park Road, especially during peak hour times. Such issues have centred on significant time delays and unnecessary risks for commuters to just get on the road in the first place,” said Tanya Davies.


“Since being elected as the Member for Mulgoa, I have been making representations on behalf of my community to the Minister for Roads, arguing the case for the upgrade of this increasingly busy road,” Tanya Davies said.


In response, the upgrades will provide for new channelisation of intersections and the widening of Erskine Park Road from two lanes to four, between Bennett Road and Coonawarra Drive, to match the existing four-lane configuration.


“Perhaps the most notable of these upgrades is the installation of traffic lights at the Bennett Road and Explorers Way intersections at Erskine Park Road, which will, undoubtedly, provide substantial benefits to commuters and residents in the area, enhancing their safety and minimising delays,” said Tanya Davies.


“I am very grateful for all of the feedback that I have received from the community about the need for traffic lights at Bennett Road and Explorers Way. I can now confirm that these will be delivered. As I continue to actively listen to the people of Mulgoa and fight for the infrastructure and resources that our growing region needs, local residents should continue to have their say and raise these important issues,” Tanya Davies concluded.


Further information on the latest funding for Western Sydney roads infrastructure can be found at: