Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Friday June 10, 2016

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP, has urged Mulgoa residents to make an appointment to give blood, in light of National Blood Donor Week, which runs from 12 June to 18 June 2016.


“With National Blood Donor Week commencing, now is the time to reflect on and celebrate the 495,000 life-saving blood donors that contribute to this vital cause, right across our State and country,” said Tanya Davies.


“Individuals from all walks of life need blood products. For some, blood products are required to get them through a serious medical condition or event in their lives, such as cancer or a dangerous pregnancy,” Tanya Davies said.


“Others have medical conditions that necessitate the ongoing use of blood products in order to remain healthy and to stay alive,” said Tanya Davies.


One in three Australians will need blood or blood products during their lifetime. Yet, only one in thirty Australians gives blood each year. Most people are able to give blood if they feel fit and healthy, are aged between 16 and 70 and weight over 50 kg.


“As such, I would urge those who are able to do so to make an appointment to give blood and be a part of something greater than themselves,” Tanya Davies said.


“With every blood donation having the potential to save up to three lives, I say to all of those who are considering making a blood donation, be brave, roll up your sleeves and make a lasting impact and real difference to the lives of everyday and ordinary people,” Tanya Davies said.


To find out if you are eligible to donate, please contact 13 14 95 or visit: