Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Friday May 6, 2016

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP, joined Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) firefighters to urge the people of Mulgoa to replace their smoke alarms, ten years on since smoke alarms became compulsory installations in all NSW homes.


“We know that smoke alarms need to be replaced at least once every ten years, due to the impact of dust, humidity and ageing and, so, many alarms are now beginning to reach their use-by date,” Tanya Davies said.


As a result of legislative changes, all NSW dwellings where people sleep must have at least one working smoke alarm per level. FRNSW recommends that smoke alarms be installed in all bedrooms, in order to maximize safety.


“Unfortunately, while there is widespread understanding in the community as to smoke alarms saving lives, it can be easy for many to forget about their alarms once they are installed,” said Tanya Davies.


“That is precisely why, throughout May, FRNSW and I are encouraging Mulgoa residents to ReAlarm their homes against fire, by replacing old alarms with more effective photoelectric smoke alarms, either connected to the home’s electrical system by an electrician or with ten-year lithium batteries,” Tanya Davies said.


FRNSW Commissioner, Greg Mullins, reiterated that smoke alarms are also mandatory for all caravans, campervans and other mobile dwellings where people sleep – even if the vehicle is kept off the road.


“Photoelectric smoke alarms have fewer false alarms and are more effective at detecting the types of fires that are most likely to result in a home fire death,” Commissioner Mullins said.


According to FRNSW, a fire can take hold in just three minutes, filling your home with deadly smoke.


“It is vital that Mulgoa residents ensure that they have working smoke alarms, which provide crucial seconds to escape a blaze in the home, before being overcome by smoke and the heat,” Tanya Davies concluded.


Assistance in checking and replacing the battery in smoke alarms can be sought by contacting your local fire station, under the Smoke Alarm and Battery Replacement (SABRE) program for seniors and people with disabilities.