Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Tuesday September 16, 2014

State MP for Mulgoa Tanya Davies and Blacktown City Mayor Len Robinson today visited the site along Old Wallgrove Road where a major road upgrade will occur. Last month Roads and Maritime Services awarded the contract for a $95 million project to upgrade 1.5 kilometres of Old Wallgrove Road between Roberts Road and the M7 motorway.

“I am proud to be part of this NSW Government which is continuing its commitment to deliver vital infrastructure around employment areas in Western Sydney. This final stretch of road upgrade will link up with Erskine Park Link Road which the NSW Government completed in July 2013” said Tanya Davies MP.

This upgrade will provide a vital east-west link between existing and proposed employment areas in Western Sydney and will improve safety for road users, including heavy vehicles travelling from the M7 to the M4 motorways. This project will also reduce congestion at the Old Wallgrove Road/Wallgrove Road intersection, improving safety and travel times for motorists.

“This stretch of road is very narrow and heavy vehicles are using it more regularly now that the Western Sydney Employment area is growing strongly. I commend the NSW Government for taking a positive lead in fully funding this project to improve road safety within the Blacktown local government area, with construction work starting as early as next month” said Blacktown City Mayor Len Robinson.  

The NSW Government has fully funded this $95 million project which includes:

  • widening Old Wallgrove Road between Roberts Road and Southridge Street to 2 lanes in each direction,
  • widening Old Wallgrove Road between Southridge Street and Wallgrove Road/M7 interchanges to 3 lanes in each direction,
  • building a 400m link road with 2 lanes in each direction for Quarry Road to connect to Old Wallgrove Road to the northbound on/off ramps to the M7,
  • providing bus stops just past each intersection on Old Wallgrove Road and installing traffic lights that give priority to the buses,
  • providing a share shared path for pedestrians and cyclists from the Erskine Park Link Road to the shared pathway on the M7,
  • upgrading intersections to eliminate the existing traffic congestion during peak time, and
  • moving existing utilities, installing new traffic lights and widening existing bridges over Eskdale Creek and Reedy Creek and upgrading the Old Wallgrove Road/Wallgrove/M7 ramp intersections.

The contract has been awarded to Daracon Contactors. Construction work is expected to commence in October 2014 and be completed in late 2016, weather permitting, with sections opened progressively.

During construction there may be delays in travel time due to potential changes in traffic condition, including localized reduction in speed limits. Construction work will be managed to have the least possible disturbance on local commuter traffic in the area.

Work will normally be carried out from 7am to 6pm between Mondays and Fridays and from 8am to 1pm on Saturdays.