Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Monday March 23, 2015

Tanya Davies MP, State Member for Mulgoa, was met by NSW Minister for Environment, Rob Stokes today at Ched Towns Reserve in Glenmore Park to welcome Premier Mike Baird’s announcement that a re-elected Liberals & Nationals Government will introduce reverse vending machines across the state as part of a cost-effective container deposit scheme for the recycling of drink containers.


Tanya Davies said that if re-elected the Baird Government will introduce reverse vending machines by 1 July 2017 to help communities look after their local environment by being better equipped to tackle litter and increase recycling. 


“Under this exciting new initiative, communities will be rewarded for their recycling efforts through the use of reverse vending machines at popular parks, waterways, beaches and other public spaces across NSW,” Tanya Davies said


“Reverse vending machines will be installed in my electorate offering our communities the opportunity to be rewarded for contributing to positive environmental outcomes.


We will be consulting with the community on the key aspects of the scheme, including:


  • The incentives for the community to participate in the scheme;
  • The location of reverse vending machines; and
  • The role of our local councils and the recycling industry in contributing to the scheme.



“If re-elected, I look forward to working with you in helping develop the scheme and delivering better environmental outcomes for our local community. 


“I’m proud to be part of a government that has listened to strong community concerns about litter and will introduce a container deposit scheme in just over two years. 


“Under Mike Baird’s leadership we have the ambitious goal of having the lowest litter rate in the nation and a container deposit scheme will be a crucial element in achieving that goal” said Tanya Davies.

Penrith City Council currently spends in excess of $250,000 per annum on the collection and disposal of discarded litter across the City.  This service includes the daily collection of litter from a variety of public space and parkland areas. The Public Domain Maintenance service has a dedicated 2-person litter crew which has coordinated the collection and disposal of over 32 tonnes of litter from across the city over the past 12 months.  Council’s City Parks team continue to collect and dispose of litter prior to their regular mowing of all open space areas, including sports fields.