Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Thursday July 19, 2018

Today the Independent Planning Commission determined that the Eastern Creek Energy from Waste Facility should be rejected following extensive community consultation and recommendations from the NSW Government.

Member for Mulgoa Tanya Davies welcomed the decision by the Independent Planning Commission to reject the proposed Eastern Creek Energy from Waste Facility.

“From the outset I was clear we needed to direct our efforts to the Independent Planning Commission which is why I petitioned them, not the Parliament, calling on them to reject this ridiculous proposal,” Tanya Davies said. 

“Today the people of western Sydney have won the fight. From the start we have made it clear that we did not want an incinerator at Eastern Creek.”

“The risks were just too great. The facility was just too big. There were no adequate guarantees to ensure the health and safety of people in western Sydney.”

“Families from all over western Sydney have voiced their outrage and with good reason, the proposal failed to meet the most basic health and environmental standards.”

“Ever since this proposal was first put forward there has been uncertainty, fear and stress whilst we waited for the independent process to make their final determination. But now we have an independent assessment that confirms what we have been saying form the start, the incinerator is not welcome here.”

“I thank the community for their support and their patience during this process.”

“To Mr Malouf I say: the community doesn’t support an incinerator in our backyard, the independent planning commission doesn’t support the incinerator. It is time to pack up and leave Western Sydney for good.”