Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Monday March 31, 2014

After 4 years of fund raising and support by its dedicated members, Emmaus Netball Club had a state of the art lighting system recently installed at their home courts on the grounds of Holy Spirit Primary School in St Clair. To mark the significant occasion Tanya Davies MP was invited to “TURN ON THE LIGHTS” for the first time to mark the launch of the Club’s 2014 netball season.

“I am delighted to be invited by Rick Di Cristoforo, President of the Emmaus Netball Club to officially ‘turn on their lights’ to mark the start of the club’s new season. I am impressed by the hard work and commitment displayed by this club’s volunteers and wish everyone an enjoyable and fruitful season ahead” said Tanya Davies MP.

Some players and officials of Emmaus Netball Club together with Anne Hines, the newly appointed Principal at Holy Spirit Primary School were on hand to join with Tanya Davies to mark the milestone event.

“Our previous netball ball courts lighting system was barely adequate and made it very difficult for us to use more than 1 court for training during weeknights. But this new lighting system is 3 times brighter and stronger and all 3 courts can be used during week nights now. We are so happy that all our hard work will pay off for our players this season.” Said Rick Di Cristoforo, President of the Emmaus Netball Club.

Emmaus Netball Club has over 220 members organised into 27 teams aged from 5 years old all the way up to adults, using 3 courts, equipment and amenities located at Holy Spirit Primary School.

The main (winter) season starts on 5 April and runs until September 2014. The courts are used for organized games on weekends and are used 3-5 days per week for training, most of that time in the evening; which makes the high intensity lights not just handy but essential.

For more information about Emmaus Netball Club please visit their website at emmaus.netball.asn.au or email at emmausnetballclub@hotmail.com.