Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Monday March 20, 2017

Since receiving confirmation the proposal for ‘The Next Generation’ (TNG) Energy from Waste Facility at Eastern Creek would be referred to the independent Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) I, like many members of the community, have had growing concerns regarding the claims outlined in TNG’s proposal.

Having reviewed the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) submitted by TNG, I remain unconvinced the project can operate below required emissions targets.

I also have concerns about the validity of the projected emissions and what independent scientific assessments will take place to verify the proponent’s claims.

Without independent scientific assessment of TNG’s claims, it would be putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

I have since been investigating this stage of the assessment process with relevant Government Departments and my Ministerial colleagues. I am pleased to announce the Planning Minister has agreed there will be an independent assessment undertaken – before the project proceeds to the PAC.

The Department of Planning and the EPA will be commissioning an internationally renowned scientific expert to review and verify the emissions projections being presented.

In the meantime, I encourage all community members to become familiar with the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) decision making process at this point.  

In 2011, the Liberals and Nationals sought to clean up Labor’s dirty and destructive “donation for deals” planning culture by putting major planning decisions into the hands of the independent PAC. This means these decisions are now based on merit and made by independent experts, not local politicians, developers, or the Minister.

You can find ‘The Next Generation (TNG) Energy from Waste Facility at Eastern Creek’ proposal, and more information about the public meeting yet to be held, in the link below;


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