Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Thursday September 20, 2018

Every public school in Glenmore Park, Regentville, Wallacia and Mulgoa is about to get cooler thanks to the NSW Government’s record $500 million investment for air-conditioning in public schools across NSW.

Air-conditioning will be provided in classrooms and libraries at schools in Glenmore Park, Regentville, Wallacia and Mulgoa, where the mean maximum temperature in January is above 30°C.

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP joined Regentville Public School Principal Karen Maraga to announce Regentville Public School is one of the eight schools across the Mulgoa electorate to receive air-conditioning.

“During the summer months the heat can be unbearable here in Glenmore Park. As classrooms get hot and stuffy it impacts on children’s ability to focus,” Tanya Davies said.

“Since the day I first entered Parliament I have advocated for air-conditioning in western Sydney classrooms.” 

“In my maiden speech I stated; ‘the potential of our students is dampened when they are forced to endure the extremes of temperature because of lack of air conditioning in classrooms’ and called for a plan to see all western-Sydney classrooms air-conditioned.”

“After many years of fighting for air-conditioning in western Sydney classrooms I am proud to announce that every public school in Glenmore Park, Regentville, Wallacia and Mulgoa will be air-conditioned.”

Regentville Public School Principal Karen Maraga welcomed the Cooler Classrooms funding.

“The commitment of the Government to provide air-conditioning is a great initiative for schools in our area. Regentville Public School will benefit by having older, inefficient cooling systems replaced,” Karen Maraga said.

“Students and teachers will be able to work in comfortable conditions even on the hottest of days!”

The schools in the Mulgoa electorate with a mean maximum temperature in January over 30°C set to receive air-conditioning include:

-       Glenmore Park Public School

-       Surveyors Creek Public School

-       Fernhill School

-       Glenmore Park High School

-       Regentville Public School

-       Mulgoa Public School

-       Wallacia Public School

-       Banks Public School

Across the State up to 1000 public schools will receive air conditioning thanks to an unprecedented $500 million funding boost from the NSW Government in this year’s State Budget – the largest investment of its kind in NSW history.

However more schools are set to benefit from air conditioning with funding now open for schools that have a mean maximum temperature below 30°C. This funding will look at other factors that influence how a classroom feels for students; such as humidity, the local microclimate, design of classrooms and schools as well as the impact of hot days on students with specific needs.

Minister for Education, Rob Stokes MP said the NSW Government is committed to supporting students to reach their full potential through the State’s excellent public education system.

 “Air conditioning such a vast number of schools is a significant undertaking that requires careful consideration of the economic and environmental impacts, now and into the future, and that is exactly what we are doing through this exciting initiative.”