Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.

FoodWithin and St George Bank launch AngelBank

Tuesday February 28, 2012

Tanya with FoodWithin Volunteers

Tanya with FoodWithin Volunteers

 Tanya Davies MP congratulated Alicia Martin from FoodWithin and the St George Bank on the launch of the third year of their program, Angel Bank.

The program encourages families working with FoodWithin to save money to be used at Christmas time. For every one dollar a family saves, St George Bank will match it with one dollar. It is available to families completing Foodwithin's Dreams Within Program, which helps struggling families get back on their feet.

"This program will bring the magic back to Christmas for children for children and their families who struggle often just to purchase the daily essentials" Mrs Davies said.

"By focusing on financial education as well as basic skills like cooking healthy meals on a budget, FoodWithin changes lives"

"I commend St George Bank on their financial support of our local families to reward their efforts to save money". "At a time when Banks are being criticised for raising mortgage rates, St George Bank is demonstrating a compassionate heart towards the most needy in our community" She said.

The Dreams Within program provides fresh, nutritious food to feed families that can't afford to feed themselves. Families must first complete a budget plan with Caps Money which identifies how much families can afford for food each week. Regardless of their budget, FoodWithin will supply enough food for their family, and require the family to work off the shortfall.

For example, a family that can afford $100 per week for food, but needs $200 per week for food, will be provided with enough food and is required to work at FoodWithin for five hours to cover the $100 shortfall.