Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Tuesday September 9, 2014

State MP for Mulgoa Tanya Davies, last weekend visited the Glenmore Park Football Club grounds at Blue Hills Oval to inspect the completion of the newly built storage facility attached to the canteen. The project was completed as a result of the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership Grant program which the Club had applied in 2013.


Tanya Davies was accompanied by Councillor Ben Goldfinch representing the Penrith City Mayor, Michael Rooney, President of Glenmore Park Football Club and Graham Moore, Football Club Treasurer. Tanya was impressed with the quality and size of the purpose built new facility.


“I am delighted to see the tangible results of the NSW Government’s financial support via the Community Building Partnership grant program. These grants provide our local communities with much-needed facilities such as this storage shed at Blue Hills Oval” said Tanya Davies.


The NSW Government provided $40,273 for the construction of the facility with Penrith City Council managing the project.


“We are really happy with the support we got from the NSW Government and Penrith City Council to have this storage facility built. It means so much to our players, especially our juniors, to be able to store their playing equipment and clothing onsite; up till now we’ve had to transport all our gear off site to a storage depot” said Michael Rooney, Glenmore Park Football Club President.


“This will save our Club about $3,000 every year and reduce the effort that our Club volunteers have to expend to transport equipment to an offsite location. All this can now be dealt with onsite” said Graham Moore, Glenmore Park Football Club Treasurer.


“This is less money that the Club has to expend on storage and more money we can put back into the football community in Glenmore Park” said Graham Moore.


Thanks to the project management support from Penrith City Council staff such as Mitchell Sammut, the storage facility at Blue Hills Oval has been completed on-time and within budget.


“Due to the high costs involved in constructing these purpose built facilities, community organisations such as Glenmore Park Football Club would not be able to fund these projects without the financial and specialist assistance of State and Local Governments” said Tanya Davies.


Submissions to apply for the 2014 Community Building Partnership grants have now closed and the successful applicants of this year’s grants will be notified before the end of the year.