Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.

Graffiti Removal Day On 20 October A Big Success

Tuesday October 22, 2013

Close to 200 sites across NSW were targeted on Sunday 20 October 2013 by well-coordinated teams of volunteers to mark the 2nd anniversary of Graffiti Removal Day.

Local State MP for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies teamed up with Bob Aitken, Rotary Down Under Executive Director, St Marys Rotary Club members and Penrith City Council Graffiti coordinator Gavin Chalker to clean up the bus terminal area at St Marys railway station and the northern end of Queen Street. Our team was part of a statewide army of volunteers numbering over 700 last weekend.

“Our team of volunteers did a great job cleaning up graffiti last weekend and I wish to thank all of them and their families for their personal efforts. It was great to see that this year we also had some of our children join in so enthusiastically to help clean up our neighborhood from graffiti vandalism.” Tanya Davies said.

“I was so impressed to witness the positive spirit of the 6 and 7 year old children in our team, jostling over who would spot the next graffiti and who would be the first to clean.” said Tanya Davies.

“It’s my turn!” “I’m next!” “I want to spray this one!” exclaimed the children.   

Rotary Down Under coordinated the event and provided training, graffiti removal equipment and protective gear for the volunteers on the day.

“I am particularly grateful to the many volunteers who joined us for the first time this year and gave up their time on a Sunday to remove graffiti from public property.” Bob Aitken said.

“The fight against graffiti vandalism is not just a one day a year event. Anyone who has noticed graffiti vandalism occurring in their neighborhood is urged to pick up the phone and call the dedicated Graffiti Hotline - 1800 707 125 and report it as soon as they see it.” Tanya Davies said