Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.

...incinerator at Eastern Creek should be refused.

Friday April 13, 2018

Well said Stuart Ayres. This proposal does not belong in our community.

Yesterday’s recommendation by the NSW Department of Planning to refuse the proposed incinerator at Eastern Creek makes it very clear – the Government and the community in Western Sydney does not support this proposal, and neither do Stuart or I.

The Independent Planning Commission (IPC) will now make a determination within three months.

We need to let the IPC follow due process and reject this proposal the right way – based on evidence. That’s the way we will see the end of this ridiculous proposal for good.

While this process has been drawn out and difficult for everyone, I urge the community to have confidence in the independent assessment process that our Government created to stamp out dodgy development deals.

Stuart Ayres

11 April at 18:32 · 

*****NSW Department of Planning finds that the the proposed incinerator at Eastern Creek should be refused.*****

This is an important step in seeing off this proposal. The proposal will now be determined by the Independent Planning Assessment Commission with the clear knowledge that the Government does not support this proposal.

I would like to thank Tanya Davies MP and many community members who have continually said this proposal doesn’t belong in our community.

My opposition to this proposal along with Tanya’s has been clear and its truly welcoming to know the Department of Planning also agrees.

Everyone has a right to a fair and independent planning assessment but you must meet community standards and this proposal doesn’t do that.


Planning assessment finds the proposed energy from waste facility should be refused - Department of Planning and Environment

The Department of Planning and Environment has found the proposed energy from waste facility at Eastern Creek should be refused and has referred the application to the Independent Planning Commission for final decision.