Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Friday September 26, 2014

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay and Member for Mulgoa Tanya Davies today announced work to improve the Roper Road and M4 Motorway interchange at Colyton was now complete.


“The NSW Government provided $1.5 million to reduce congestion and improve safety at this location as part of the five year $246 million commitment to improve key bottlenecks which cause frustration for motorists,” Minister Gay said.


“The NSW Government provided $43 million this financial year to continue key improvements to the existing road network to reduce congestion on Sydney’s main roads, especially during peak travel times.


“Since March 2011, more than 220 pinch point initiatives have been progressed with a further 15 projects starting this financial year and another 21 in development to be built in future years.”            

Tanya Davies said this was yet another reminder this government is determined to improve the infrastructure, reduce delays, manage congestion and maintain travel times on Western Sydney’s main roads, particularly during weekday peak periods.


“Work started in April to extend the right lane on Roper Road from Carlisle Avenue to the M4 Motorway interchange and build a new pedestrian path on the eastern side of Roper Road,” Tanya Davies said.


“A new bus zone and pedestrian refuge has been built near Young Street and a no stopping zone installed on the southbound lanes from Carlisle Avenue to the M4 on ramp.


“This work improves access to the M4 motorway from Roper Road at Colyton by increasing the length of the southbound right turn lane to the M4 from the Carlisle Avenue roundabout.

“This will help reduce congestion along Roper Road and improve safety by reducing the risk of rear end crashes from vehicles waiting to enter the M4 motorway.”

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