Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Tuesday April 8, 2014

NSW Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Brad Hazzard MP and Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP visited Dogs NSW yesterday to meet with the organisation’s executive team. The visit included a tour of the site and to begin discussion with Dogs NSW on their intention to purchase some of the 80 hectares of NSW Government-owned land currently being leased by the organisation.

“I am impressed with the commitment and care that Dogs NSW has taken towards the land and facilities they using under the current leasing arrangements with the State Government, and I will look into this proposal” said Minister Brad Hazzard.

Dogs NSW is one of the largest organisations representing purebred breeders in Australia. However, they are the only organisation that does not have an indoor showing area. They have an ambitious vision of growing the organisation even further but are reluctant to invest their members’ contributions on a property which is only being leased.

“Chairman of Dogs NSW, Ms Elisabeth Gunter, approached me on the matter of possibly purchasing some of the State owned land that was currently being leased, and I welcome the opportunity to open discussions between Dogs NSW and the State Government on the possibility of helping Dogs NSW expand their operations and provide them with some certainty of tenure in my electorate of Mulgoa” said Tanya Davies.

Dogs NSW is a major stakeholder in the companion animals industry, and are a well-structured and strongly represented organisation with a history of supporting the State Government in developing policy that strikes a balance between community protection and animal welfare.

“I would like to personally thank Mr Tom Couchman, senior Vice President of Dogs NSW, for hosting our visit” said Tanya Davies.

For more information about Dogs NSW please visit their website at http://www.dogsnsw.org.au/.