Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Sunday February 21, 2016

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP, today announced the return of Road Rules Awareness Week, with the addition of new videos to help explain the top ten most misunderstood road rules in New South Wales.


The week, which takes place from February 22 to 28, provides motorists with the chance to improve their knowledge of the existing road rules and learn about additional measures and strategies to tackle any concerns that they may have when dealing with difficult driving conditions or challenging circumstances.


“Road Rules Awareness Week has become an annual event that provides the perfect opportunity for motorists in Mulgoa to get a clear understanding of road rules,” Tanya Davies said.


As part of the week, the Centre for Road Safety has compiled a playlist of ten video animations that Mulgoa motorists can access at http://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/campaigns/roadrules.html


“Irrespective of whether you’re travelling on a major road, such as Mamre or Mulgoa Roads, or taking side streets and back lanes, it is crucial that motorists have a solid grasp of road rules, as it makes everyone in our community safer,” said Tanya Davies.


Road Rules Awareness Week is in addition to other New South Wales Government initiatives designed to enhance road safety, including the establishment of a Traffic and Highway Patrol command centre and the record roll out of flashing lights, now installed in all schools across the State.


Tanya Davies concluded by urging motorists to consider the broader implications of their actions.


“Road safety is a team effort – so make sure you play your part.”