Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Thursday January 28, 2016

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP, today announced that an historic road safety milestone has been achieved, with school zone flashing lights installed for every school right across the State.


“The safety of our children is of paramount importance to the Baird Government,” Tanya Davies said.


“Given that we know children are some of the most vulnerable road users, installing these flashing lights will ensure that motorists slow down around schools, making the start of this school year safer than ever for students in Mulgoa.”


“This historic road safety milestone was achieved at the end of last year, with the New South Wales Government providing flashing lights for more than 2,400 schools right across our State, 200 more than originally promised,” said Tanya Davies.


Crews spent the 18 months to December 2015 rolling out flashing lights for every identified school.


“During the peak of the rollout, crews were delivering lights at an unprecedented rate, completing around 150 locations per month,” Tanya Davies said.


From now on, if a new school is established at a location without an existing set of flashing lights, Roads and Maritime Services will deliver the lights when they install a new school zone.


“What’s more, as the Baird Government announced in June 2015, with this phase of the flashing lights program finalised, we can begin to focus on rolling out additional flashing lights for around 400 schools with multiple busy entrances, further enhancing the safety of our children,” said Tanya Davies.


Flashing lights remind motorists of the 40km/h speed limit, which applies from 8am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm on gazetted school days.


The flashing lights rollout was funded by the Community Road Safety Fund, which redirects fines from speed cameras into road safety initiatives.


Parents, school teachers and staff and members of the community are urged to inform the New South Wales Government of school location changes or the establishment of new schools, so that they may be considered for these installations via: roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au