Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Tuesday October 24, 2017

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP has welcomed the replacement of a damaged basketball hoop at Mulgoa Tennis Courts. The new basketball hoop was installed by Penrith City Council last week, with the local community already making use of the upgrade.

The replacement request came from Mulgoa teenager Matthew Clark, a local basketball player who uses the facilities at Mulgoa Tennis Courts to train regularly.

“I use the basketball hoop at the Mulgoa tennis courts for daily practice. Over the past few months I have noticed the basketball hoop deteriorating rapidly to the point where it collapsed and I was no longer able to use it,” Matthew Clark said.

Tanya Davies has commended Matthew for raising this local issue.

“I would like to thank Matthew for taking the initiative to contact me about the damaged basketball hoop at Mulgoa Tennis Courts,” Tanya Davies said.

Tanya Davies was joined by Matthew Clark at the Mulgoa Tennis Courts in Mulgoa to test out the new basketball hoop.

“I appreciated Mrs Davies taking the time to listen and respond to this issue so quickly, even though I am only a young local resident.  I now look forward to using the hoop for training with my friends and neighbours.” Matthew Clark said.

“I am pleased to have helped secured this replacement basketball hoop with the help of Penrith City Council for the Mulgoa Tennis Courts and look forward to seeing the benefits it will provide to the local community.” Tanya Davies said.