Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Monday August 14, 2017

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP has welcomed new laws to give police greater powers to confiscate the number plates or cars of drivers who repeatedly flout driver licence laws. These penalties will be imposed for three or six months.

At the same time the NSW Government is reforming driver disqualification laws to make them more effective in reducing unauthorised driving and repeat offending.

“The reforms introduce new ways for rehabilitating disqualified drivers who show a commitment to lawful behaviour by remaining compliant with their disqualification period,” Tanya Davies said.

“While tough penalties will continue to apply for very serious driving offences, like drink and drug driving, disqualification periods and penalties for unauthorised driving offences will be made smarter and more proportionate,” said Tanya Davies.

Disqualified drivers will be able to apply to the Local Court to have their remaining disqualification lifted provided they’ve been compliant for at least two years.  Eligible people will still need to apply to Roads and Maritime Services and complete standard road safety and knowledge tests to get their licence back.

To protect community safety, no driver ever convicted of driving offences involving death or grievous bodily harm will be eligible.

Attorney General Mark Speakman said, “Research shows lengthy disqualification periods, which can currently exceed 10 years, can increase the risk of reoffending in some cases and have a disproportionate impact on the disadvantaged, including Aboriginal people.”

“The new scheme builds on the recommendations of the multi-partisan Committee on Law and Safety by rewarding drivers who do the right thing and comply with their disqualifications, keeping road safety front and centre,” Mr Speakman said.

Tanya Davies said, “These changes are a major win for Mulgoa with expanded powers for local police to keep repeat offenders and dangerous drivers off our roads and smarter treatment of drivers who do the right thing.”


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