Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Sunday May 10, 2015

Planning Minister Rob Stokes, Environment Minister Mark Speakman and Member for Mulgoa Tanya Davies today announced the approval of the Eastern Creek Business Hub in the Western Sydney Parkland to create jobs, provide new amenities and support environmental improvements in the parklands.


Mr Stokes said the development consent allows for convenience retail, bulky goods and large format retail uses on a 15.77-hectare site within the 5820-hectare parklands.


“We anticipate the business hub could support around 1,000 permanent full and part time retail jobs, and approximately 500 construction jobs could be created by the $129 million project,” Mr Stokes said.


“The people of western Sydney will also benefit from the convenience and improved choice provided by the new shopping outlets that will open at the business hub.


“This will in-turn provide ongoing funding for improvements to Western Sydney Parklands, making the project a winner for the environment, the community and the economy.”


Mr Speakman said conservation works in the parklands would be supported by the hub. “Funding will be guaranteed for the rehabilitation of damaged parkland, improvement of the parkland amenities and nature conservation programs, all at no cost to the community,” Mr Speakman said.


“This is a responsible way to provide the funding needed to protect and enhance the park, with the business hub creating a sustainable long-term income for Western Sydney Parklands that can be reinvested to improve this fantastic Western Sydney asset.


“Western Sydney Parklands is a treasured part of our city, and that’s why it is so important we protect the natural beauty of this park for the next generations using it.”


Mrs Davies welcomed the new business hub and the funding it would provide for

conservation works at the parklands.


“The business hub will mean more conveniently located shops and services for western Sydney residents. It will also mean this wonderful park’s environmental assets are protected into the future,” Mrs Davies said.