Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Friday March 13, 2015

Health Minister Jillian Skinner has visited Western Sydney to announce the Baird Government will establish integrated community health centres in the growth areas of Jordan Springs and Glenmore Park.


Mrs Skinner said the two centres will be among 20 ‘one-stop shops’ which a re-elected Baird Government will deliver across NSW.


Delivery of the 20 ‘one-stop shops’ - with a combined value of $100 million - will be possible through Rebuilding NSW, the Government’s $20 billion plan to turbocharge the state through the delivery of key infrastructure.


“The Baird Government is committed to providing quality health care to people across NSW, when and where they need it,” said Mrs Skinner, who was accompanied on her visit to Glenmore Park by Member for Mulgoa Tanya Davies and on her Jordan Springs visit by Liberal candidate for Londonderry Bernard Bratusa.


“Integrated community health centres recognise that not everyone needs care in an acute hospital setting.


“We have listened to the Local Health Districts, which have identified areas experiencing population growth and an increased demand for allied health services.


“We will establish integrated health centres in these growing communities and encourage integration with a range of other service providers, including general practitioners or non-government organisations. The benefits to patients of seamless, integrated care are enormous.”


Mrs Skinner said the announcement reinforces the Baird Government’s determination to deliver quality health services for the people of NSW.


“If re-elected for a second four-year term, we will invest a record $5 billion in over 60 health infrastructure projects, taking our total health infrastructure spend to almost $10 billion over an eight-year period.


“We will spend more in eight years than Labor spent in its entire 16 years in government,” she said.


The Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District consulted with Nepean Blue Mountains Medicare Local and Penrith City Council regarding the establishment of the Jordan Springs and Glenmore Park centres.


Services located at the centres may include child and family health, dental health care, allied health and mental health services.


Planning and site selection will commence if the Baird Government is re-elected on March 28.