Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.

NSW Bike Plan funding for Penrith

Monday December 10, 2012

Penrith Mayor, Clr Mark Davies met with Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP today to express Council's appreciation for the NSW Government's offer of funding for the construction of shared-use pathways in the City of Penrith as part of the NSW River Cities Bike Program.

The NSW Government has provided $1.5 million for Penrith City Council to construct shared-use pathways on Mulgoa Road, near Glenmore Park; on Jane Street, near Penrith Station and along the Great Western Highway to St Marys.

Penrith City Council will provide in kind support of $500,000 for the design and project management of the shared-use pathways construction.

The River Cities Bike Program focuses on the regional cities located on the Parramatta, Georges and Nepean rivers in Western Sydney. The Program aims to grow cycling into, out of and around the cities to match the increase in bike-riding already under way in eastern Sydney.

The River Cities Bike Program fast-tracks the delivery of cycle infrastructure, parking facilities and cycling skills training opportunities within the five to ten kilometre – or 20
to 40-minute bike ride – radius of the Parramatta, Liverpool and Penrith city centres.

The River Cities Bike Program is implemented through a partnership of State agencies and local government, with not less than 75 per cent of costs provided by the NSW Government.

Mrs Davies said the River Cities Program is an effective partnership between State and Local Governments which promotes healthy lifestyles, alternative transport options and an appreciation of our natural environments.

Clr Mark Davies said that Council understands the high priority of these works and is working with the NSW Government to achieve funding for these important projects.

"Creating opportunities for our community to get out of their cars and safely in and around the City Centres of Penrith and St Marys has long been a priority for Council. It’s fantastic these shared paths will become a reality sooner through this funding.”

Mrs Davies said that she was pleased that the NSW Government's plan recognized Penrith city as vital link in this program.

"The River Cities Bike Plan correctly identifies Penrith as a key regional city and that's why the NSW Government is proud to invest this $1.5m to build infrastructure in Western Sydney" Mrs Davies said.