Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Wednesday June 1, 2016

Tanya Davies MP, State Member for Mulgoa, alongside the Assyrian Universal Alliance, co-hosted a powerful seminar at NSW Parliament, entitled, “The Current Genocide Perpetrated by ISIS Against Assyrians and Other Christian Minorities in Iraq and Syria”.


“As Chair of the Parliamentary Friends of Assyria, it was a significant moment to assist in the seminar as I, alongside many of my colleagues, urged nations across the world to act now, in order to secure all Christian minorities' rights, freedoms and liberties in their traditional homelands,” Tanya Davies said. 

The seminar was well attended by several Parliamentary dignitaries in addition to Tanya Davies, including Mr Guy Zangari MP, Dr Hugh McDermott MP and Reverend the Hon Fred Nile MLC.


At the core of the seminar was its emphasis on the notion of genocide and its applicability to Assyrians living in Iraq and Syria, in light of contemporary circumstances, particularly given the rise of ISIS, as well as exploring the quest for an Assyrian homeland in the Middle East.


“The sectarian violence that continues to be exerted against Assyrian Christians is a cause for deep and meaningful prayer and strong and effective dialogue, as we long for their liberation from unjust and brutal regimes so that they may have the freedom that we are so blessed to have in Australia,” said Tanya Davies.

The seminar represents continued work in the tireless political advocacy of the Assyrian Universal Alliance/

Tanya Davies thanked all of those who attended and contributed to the discussion and dialogue engaged in at the seminar.