Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Wednesday March 16, 2016

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP, recently met with the Managing Director of Plastic Forests, David Hodge, to congratulate the business on receiving an $800,000 grant from the NSW Government, recognising its innovative and dynamic approach to waste management.


The funding is part of the Baird Government’s Innovation in Priority Problem Wastes Management Grants Program, which is aimed at supporting and harnessing projects that provide new recycling infrastructure solutions for identified priority problem wastes.


“Businesses such as Plastic Forests are an exemplar model for others to follow, in utilising new approaches to tackle contemporary waste and recycling management problems and challenges,” Tanya Davies said.


Plastic Forests is known for its unique dry cleaning process, which takes unrecycled Polyethylene (PE) contaminated plastic films, drawn from a range of sources, such as the food and agricultural industries, and turns them into various recycled plastic products.


“Due to its dynamism and flexibility, Plastic Forests has been able to adopt fresh approaches and technologies to enhance the efficiency of recycling facilities and procedures, making the business a leader in the industry,” Tanya Davies said.


Plastic Forests Yennora Resource Recovery and Recycling Facility is Australia’s first Bulka Bag Recycling facility, processing in excess of 500,000 bags per annum. The business is regarded


“The Baird Government is committed to ensuring that problematic wastes are targeted and dealt with, so as to ensure an ecologically sustainable future for our children and State,” said Tanya Davies.


“The fact that a private company is so successfully undertaking this effort is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of all of those involved at Plastic Forests, as well as the importance of this and other NSW Government grants programs,” Tanya Davies said.


Further information on the Program can be found at: