Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Thursday August 27, 2015

Tanya Davies MP, Member for Mulgoa, said today applications are now open for schools in her electorate to access funding to establish new out of school hour care (OSHC) services.


Delivering on a 2015 NSW Government election commitment, Tanya Davies said the $20 million Before and After School Care Fund will help create up to 45,000 additional out of school hours care places for primary school students in NSW.


“Primary schools from all sectors may apply for one-off grants of up to $20,000 to help with the cost of establishing these services in time for the start of the 2016 school year.


“The grants can be used for fit-out costs, tendering or establishment costs, or to pay for necessary equipment to support the new OSHC service.


“Principals of primary schools that do not presently have before and after school care are being asked to consult with their communities to determine the level of demand for an OSHC service at their schools” Tanya Davies said.


Schools are also being asked to consult with each other across local areas to determine ways of working together to match service delivery with actual demand.


“Where there is a suitable site but limited demand for example, school communities need to consider how they can partner with other local schools – government and non-government – to make a service viable.


“Schools that do not have the space to establish an OSHC service on site are also being asked to consult with their local councils or other community organisations to identify a site for a potential OSHC” Tanya Davies said.


Grants for eligible schools will be awarded on the basis of a school’s capacity to establish and support an OSHC service.


How do schools apply for a grant?


School principals will be able to apply for a grant under the Before and After School Care Fund by completing an online application by 23 October 2015. The application form is tailored for each of the school education sectors.



Two or more schools may collaborate to establish a service but only one of the schools may apply for the grant. If the application is successful, this school will receive and manage the expenditure and acquittal of the funds.



In schools where an OSHC service is needed but where there is no capacity to deliver the service on the school site, the grant may be used to establish the service at an alternative location such as a local preschool, council or other non-government organisation.  


Where can schools go for more information?


Applications are accessible from the NSW Department of Education, Catholic Education Commission NSW, and the Association of Independent Schools of NSW websites or visit the relevant sector websites for more information and support: