Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Wednesday February 3, 2016

Member for Mulgoa, Tanya Davies MP, met with St Clair Comets JRLFC Club Secretary, Bill Borg, and Saturday Committee Member, Dave Brown, to witness firsthand upgrades made to Peppertree Park sporting ground.


Peppertree Park is home to the St Clair Comets, which received $30,000 in funding from the New South Wales Government.


In particular, the funding has allowed the St Clair Comets to purchase sandstone blocks, which have been strategically placed on the outer edges of each of the fields, in response to issues caused by heavy rain.


“Due to the funding provided by this Government, Peppertree Park will now have improved drainage to prevent flooding and the erosion of the ground and soil, ensuring that players are protected, especially when dashing down the sidelines,” Tanya Davies said.


Club Secretary, Bill Borg reflected on the hazards that players were presented with prior to the upgrades.


“Every time we had heavy rain, it would cause problems for us. Dirt and loose soil would be all across the playing surfaces, placing players in dangerous positions,” Mr Borg said.


“Now, we cannot get over how much better the fields will be. Not to mention how great they look and the extra seating they provide for parents and family.”


Tanya Davies praised sporting organisations, like the St Clair Comets, for the role they play in strengthening the community.


“I am pleased to have secured this funding for the St Clair Comets but full praise and gratitude must be extended to all of the volunteers who work tirelessly to encourage our children’s’ participation in healthy lifestyles,” Tanya Davies said.


The Baird Government will continue to support local, community-orientated groups, including providing financial assistance to enhance the wellbeing and unity of communities, such as Mulgoa.