Tanya Davies MP. Member for Mulgoa.


Thursday February 8, 2018

On Tuesday I spoke at a rally against the Eastern Creek incinerator, at Parliament House. From day one, this proposal hasn’t passed the common sense test. There are real health concerns associated with burning thousands of tonnes of waste so close to homes and schools, this is a serious situation and we will fight this incinerator proposal.

I am wholeheartedly opposed to this proposal and will fight hard to stop the Next Generation incinerator being dumped in our backyard. I have discussed this issue with the Premier, who shares the Mulgoa community’s concerns. I will closely observe the planning process – which is due to release an independent assessment of the incinerator proposal soon. 

We need to be smart, not be fooled by bogus solutions from opportunistic politicians. The Private Members bills put forward by Labor and the Greens are a sham, and leave the door wide open for incinerators to be built in other locations. The bills offer no guarantee they can be applied retrospectively to the Eastern Creek proposal, leaving every chance the proposal will go ahead anyway. 

The bills put forward by Labor and the Greens are nothing but an attempt to move away from a CLEAN and INDEPENDENT planning process, which we fought hard to secure when elected in 2011. Labor and the Greens want to take us back to a time when shonky planning ministers had power over unsuspecting communities to solely decide where major projects were built. What happened yesterday is nothing more than politics.

I want to reassure you as a community we have the ear of the Premier, there is an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence against the proposal, and a robust case which I am pushing hard to the people that matter.

Please sign my petition here http://bit.ly/2ts1YO4 – it is directed to the Independent Planning Assessment Commission – who will make this decision.